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40’s 50s symbolizes a stage of life of becoming more comfortable, health conscious, calmer, hence happier, with oneself. Simply because we have gained life wisdom to make conscious life choices that suits our well-being. Well-being 40.50∞ shares the art of healthy and happy life with products and services that support us along the well-being path. 

Bodhi Tree Essentials Roll-On

Simple on-the-go aromatherapy for natural wellness - Bodhi Tree 100% Pure Essential... 

Bodhi Tree Essentials Mist

Introducing Bodhi Tree Hand & Body Mist, the ultimate multi-purpose spray that... 

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Well-being notes

  • Be Comfotable

    Well-being note 1 : be comfortable with yourself, with people and
    with your surroundings

  • Be Healthy

    Well-being note 2 : be healthy with your physical, emotional and
    mental state.

  • Be Happy

    Well-being note 3 : to unlock happiness, turn within to uncover the wisdom deeply seeded in you.

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  • Introducing ailia naturals

    ailia naturals envisions to contribute to the community to live a balanced healthy and happy life. ailia naturals embraces the Nature, the Law of Harmony into personal care products to support our daily life physical, emotional and mental well-being.

  • Your Well-Being Partner

    Simple on-the-go aromatherapy for natural wellness - Bodhi Tree by ailia naturals, 100% Pure Essential Oils. Discover more to support physical & emotional well-being.

  • ailia naturals signature

    The Bali based handcraft artisan personal care products with signature therapeutic grade pure organic essential oil, natural vegan Castile soap, and natural hair products .

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