Natural Pet Shampoo

DIY Eco-friendly toxic free biodegradable homemade pet shampoo

Pet shampoo solution for a shiny & soft pet’s fur

ailia Castile Soap is excellent to remove dirt, oils, and even kill fleas on dogs (* but it doesn’t kill flea eggs). It is very general on animals with sensitive skin and can help with itching issues.

This is a great all-natural soap solution recipe for dogs, horses and other pets; it is so effective in cleaning; rinse off all the dirt and oils in a flash!

Water 1L
ailia Natural Vegan Castile Soap 150ml
Baking Powder 3tbsp
Mix everything in a bottle

How to use:

The same way as we do washing, just you need to use more soap, as dogs are hairier and dirtier. Keep soap out of the eyes, keep water out of the ears.

Blend few drops Lavender oil scent, it helps calming and relaxing during bath time!

ailia Natural Vegan Castile Soap 

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