The Brand

Our Vision

Well-being 40.50∞ envisions each community lives a balanced life to inspire others to create a harmony peaceful society.

Our Mission

Well-being 40.50∞ endeavors to become ours well-being partner, as a resourceful platform to offer daily life essential products and services selections to contribute to our well-being path.

Our Feature

40’s 50s symbolizes a stage of life that is becoming more comfortable, health conscious, calmer hence happier with oneself. Well-being 40.50∞ shares the art of healthy and happy life. It is a resourceful online space that offers products and services to contribute cultivating the physical, emotional and mental well-being; from organic personal care to wellness retreat! Well-being 40.50∞ opens a new space for us to make lifestyle choices consciously.

We do our research and sourcing for products that align with our mission, not only for the well-being of human being but also for the nature and the other species. In the same approach, we collaborate with health, wellness, and spiritual services or venues for customers to experience a balanced and harmonious lifestyle.

Live a conscious life with wisdom