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Lilikoi Natural Skin Care

Bodhi Tree All Purpose Essential Oil Spray - Lavender

Bodhi Tree All Purpose Essential Oil Spray - Lavender

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 Refresh, Sanitize, Disinfect - All in One Spray

Bodhi Tree Hand & Body Mist, the ultimate multi-purpose spray that is perfect for all your needs. Whether you want to freshen up your body, sanitize your hands, or disinfect surfaces, this versatile mist has got you covered. It can even be used to refresh your yoga mat, pillow, linen, bed, bean bag, sofa, stroller, and more.

Made 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils, our multi purpose mist is formulated to also meet the World Health Organization's recommendation for handrub. By utilizing ethanol instead of the frequently used isopropyl alcohol, the mist becomes more skin-friendly and leaves a pleasant scent.

Crafted with 100% pure therapeutic grade lavender essential oil, the Lavender variant of Bodhi Tree Hand & Body Mist is the perfect solution for those who seek a peaceful and calming experience. With its natural soothing properties, it provides a relaxing effect that can help reduce stress and anxiety.

Incorporate this multi-purpose mist into your daily routine to create a calming atmosphere for your yoga practice, spray it onto your pillow for a restful night's sleep, or spritz it onto your clothes for a comforting scent throughout the day. The possibilities are endless with this all-natural, chemical-free formula that is safe for daily use

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